Freeware Programs: AshSofDev
Download All Image Batch Convert And ReName

All Image Batch Convert And ReName  All Image Batch Convert And ReName is just what the name implies. You can convert multible images to a different format, rename them or both.

Download AshSofDev Currency Converter

AshSofDev Currency Converter  AshSofDev Currency Converter is an online currency converter. You must be connected to the internet to use it because it gets it's currency exchange rates from the internet.

Download AshSofDev FTP Client

AshSofDev FTP Client  AshSofDev FTP Client is another FTP Client. You can upload or download files from your web server via the FTP protocol. AshSofDev FTP Client also supports creating new directories, renaming files, and deleting files on both the local machine and the

Download AshSofDev HTML Editor

AshSofDev HTML Editor  AshSofDev HTML Editor is a very rich html editor with support for html, xhtml, javascript, php, and css.

Download AshSofDev Image Mapper

AshSofDev Image Mapper  'AshSofDev Image Mapper' is a client side image map editor. It can create rectangular, circular, and polygon clickable areas as well as a default area.

Download AshSofDev MP3 Alarm

AshSofDev MP3 Alarm  'AshSofDev MP3 Alarm' is an alarm clock and MP3 player in one. It allows you to play your favorite songs or set an alarm to alert you with your favorite song or one of four sounds.

Download AshSofDev SlideShow

AshSofDev SlideShow  AshSofDev SlideShow is a simple program that allows you to view the pictures in succesion from a directory on your hard drive. You can choose a time interval between pictures or you can choose to rotate them manually via the next and previous button