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Freeware Programs: Artur Poldan
Download MessSMS2 1.11

MessSMS2 1.11  Surprise and Laugh are beloved among humans and MessSms will provide those in your text messages. Surprise your friends and make them laugh with this App, they will love it. As the name say, the App is messing your text message in a funny way.

Download LastShuttleFree 1.0

LastShuttleFree 1.0  Once more a time to save our planet has come, once more we are threatened by the forces of the universe. Six exciting levels and endless mode for each of them will provide you with hours of entertainment. Join the game and save the earth!

Download EarGuard 1.0

EarGuard 1.0  EarGuard is detecting the noise level in the surrounding space. In case of higher noise levels a warning sign is displayed. There is no need to expose yourself to loud music or noise, protect yourself when it is time to do so.