Freeware Programs: Apriva
Download Apriva Mobile Pay, from AT&T 2.4.1

Apriva Mobile Pay, from AT&T 2.4.1  Sell Anything, Anywhere with Apriva Mobile Pay, from AT&T. Increase sales, enhance customer service, and grow profitsaall from your mobile phone.

Download Zoompay 1.5.10

Zoompay 1.5.10  Zoompaya? makes credit card transactions as easy as the push of a button and was created for business owners who require the ability to accept credit card payments in the shop or out in the field.

Download EVO Mobile Pay 1.5.10

EVO Mobile Pay 1.5.10  EVO Mobile Pay turns your cell phone into a sell phone. EVO Mobile Pay turns your iPhone into a full-featured credit card terminal.