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Freeware Programs: Applied Biosystems
Download Peak Scanner Software 1.0

Peak Scanner Software 1.0  Use this free software to perform DNA fragment analysis; separate a mixture of DNA fragments according to their sizes, provide a profile of the separation, and precisely calculate the sizes of the fragments

Download MouseSNPbrowser 1.0

MouseSNPbrowser 1.0  This free tool enables efficient and easy selection of SNP sets to distinguish mouse strains of interest, with specific applications in genotype/phenotype mapping and strain verification

Download Genotyper 1.0

Genotyper 1.0  Genotyper is a software that provides a state-of-the-art genotype calling algorithm, intuitive user interface, enhanced Study-based analysis features, and high call rates and accuracy

Download CopyCaller 1.0

CopyCaller 1.0  CopyCaller Software performs relative quantitation analysis of genomic DNA targets using the real-time PCR data from pre-designed or Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assay experiments. The software and associated copy number assays can be used to detect

Download MutationDetector 1.0

MutationDetector 1.0  Applied Biosystems Mutation Detector™ Software is an automated data analysis tool that performs mutation detection analysis of real-time PCR quantitation data from TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assay research experiments. View and analyze data for