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Freeware Programs: Andreas Neidhardt
Download F1 2005 MOD by CTDP 1.2

F1 2005 MOD by CTDP 1.2  You have waited long time, but CTDP finally brings you the real Formula One-experience for your rFactor. Now you can get the complete Formula One season 2005 a full line of cars: all polished, cleaned and prepared for your race. And that won't be

Download F1 2004 MOD by CTDP 1.1

F1 2004 MOD by CTDP 1.1  This is a full-season mod by CTDP. This addon for F1Challenge updates the game to the F1 season 2004. It includes all track-specifications, a track pack and many more. Features: - 2004 high detail models and high resolution textures - All special